10 Years of V-Ray: A Decade of Rendering Innovation

The rapidly evolving Design Visualization community has seen many advancements in technology over the past 10 years. Today renderings are produced with more realism and detail than ever before. Chaos Group, the makers of the V-Ray render engine, have played a key role in that. Their plug-ins have pushed the boundaries of photo-realism in rendering and set new heights for rendering excellence.

V-Ray has transcended Architectural rendering and found it’s way into nearly every aspect of Design Visualization. From video games, to product design and major motion pictures, if it looks incredible, chances are it was made with V-Ray technology. This month we celebrate 10 years of V-Ray and pay tribute to Chaos Group who’s contributions have changed how the world renders.

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V-Ray 2.0 for Maya is Now Available

V-Ray 2.0 for Maya

After a lot of anticipation V-Ray for Maya is now officially available. Chaos Group says that this version will allow rendering of even larger scenes with greater complexity faster than ever before. We’re excited to see what kind of incredible renderings are produced from this amazing product.

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