Lighting Can Make or Break a Rendering’s Realism.

Achieving the desired lighting effect can take a rendering from good to great! HOK, a global architectural firm, provided us a rendering from the Canon Headquarters project featuring several RPC People.

Projects designers selected a series of RPC Business People to populate a lobby scene, including RPC Amber, (seen above and below in the tan skirt). In the rendering above, you will note that the lighting has been focused RPC Amber’s skirt and legs to align with the sunlight of the scene.

To obtain “the knock your socks off” impact, lighting adjustments were applied to RPC Amber and other RPC objects in the scene. What’s the easiest and fastest way to get the effect you want? Photoshop.

When Amber is rendered out, she will be lit or unlit depending on your scene. Render engines, like V-Ray or mental ray, can help simulate the desired effect, but, post-rendering in Photoshop offers a quick and viable solution. Using the ArchVision Viewport Plug-in for Photoshop and the Lighting Effects filter, you can adjust lighting to closely align with your scene and enhance photorealism. This 3 minute tutorial shows you everything you need to know:

By adjusting the lighting you’ve taken your scene from good to great! This rendering is a great example of using RPCs to make your projects stand out.

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