ArchVision RPC Content: Hi-Res 2D Plants Released

RPC All Access: New Content Added

RPC All Access plan customers now have access to a new library of Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC) from ArchVision®. This RPC collection features Nile Lily, Phormium Variegated Hosta, Butterfly Bush and more.

Check out the latest RPC Content added to the RPC Content exchange by clicking recently added from ArchVision Dashboard. ArchVision Dashboard is available as a free download and provides users free trial use RPC Content.

The New ArchVision Support Manager

As the Customer Service Manager of ArchVision (for nearly a decade), I am very excited to announce a new channel for customer service interaction. The ArchVision Customer Service channel offers more support options than ever before to keep our users connected to the information that they need to get the most out of their products. Here users can chat with live customer service representatives, submit support tickets, browse frequently asked questions, search a knowledge base, access help documentation, access tutorials, watch videos and even interact with social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Support tickets help us to log data and better assist product design and development as well provide you with answers as quickly and efficiently as possible. ArchVision also incorporates the use of Go to Meeting software to assist in troubleshooting technical support issues. We offer “live” support via desktop meeting, chat and phone Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST, excluding holidays.

Serving nearly every inch of the globe ArchVision is a customer-centric company that is here to help. We value your business and will work to keep it.

RPC Support in Navisworks Profiled in AUGIWorld June 2011

The June edition of AUGIWorld arrived in my inbox yesterday. I “flipped” through the magazine and read a couple articles that caught my attention. One features Norton Healthcare, which is just down the road in Louisville, KY and the other profiles Southland Industries use of Autodesk’s Navisworks.

“Navisworks Manage, from a Contractor’s Perspective” (pages 36-40) by Chris Lanahan, BIM/Cad Manager at Southland Industries includes discussion on placing and rendering RPCs in your projects. The expert walks you through a recent large hospital project he completed and provides numerous insights into his workflow. There are several useful screen grabs that highlight materials/texture mapping, lighting, ArchVision RPC placement, effects and rendering. He also discusses the merits of providing clients visuals, to impress, win jobs and communicate design concepts. (Of course, we like this quote: “The next tab to visit is RPC. This tab is used to add fairly realistic people into your renderings.”) If you’re a Navisworks user, the article is worth a read.

Image Credits: AUGIWorld, Southland Industries, ArchVision, Autodesk

RPC Mass Populate Feature: How to Fill a A Large Space Fast

Mass Population

If you’ve ever worked on filling a parking lot and had to place content one-by-one, you know the time it takes. The RPC Plug-ins for 3ds Max and AutoCAD solve that dilemma with the Mass Populate feature.

It’s an easy-to-use feature which allows you to place RPC Proxies (place holders) and then easily populate them with RPC Content. The features enables you to control distribution and randomization of RPC Content placement enabling you to get “the right feel” required for your project.

Customers routinely share renderings and animations with us (we invite you to share your work). One project that took advantage of the Mass Populate was for one of Disney’s Florida PGA Golf Courses. Renderings and animations included heavily populated tree lined fairways. In a matter of a few clicks, they achieved the desired look using the Mass Populate feature and RPC Trees. And, so can you!

Ready to give it a try? I’ve got an easy step-by-step tutorial video for you below and more information in our help documentation.

Spacing Trick

When I was planning my blog post, I started looking back at some of our archives. ArchVision introduced the Mass Populate feature in the early ArchVision days. When it was first introduced, the feature added immediate value to end users. Today, it continues to do so. I still enjoy some of our ‘vintage’ tutorials – I reformatted one so I could share it with you:

Spacing Trick

Drag & Drop RPCs Into Your Scenes!

See an RPC in the ArchVision Dashboard you want to use? Simply select, drag, and drop the RPC into a 3ds Max or AutoCAD scene. By dragging and dropping into your scene it will also by default download to your ACM.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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