ArchVision Dashboard 2.0 [beta] Pre-release

During the past month, ArchVision customers tested the new features and functionality of ArchVision Dashboard 2.0 [beta]. In addition to a re-styled user interface, several features have been enhanced and added. For example, the Drag & Drop feature now includes support for Revit as well as AutoCAD and 3ds Max. Placing an RPC has never been so simple.

Key features include:

* Manage and view your local RPC Content, including custom RPC Content
* Drag & Drop RPC Content from Dashboard into Autodesk Revit, 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design & AutoCAD
* Activate and Manage ArchVision Software Licenses
* Search Content by Channel: Trees, People, Automobiles, Objects and more.
* Indicators for local RPC Content and remote/global RPC Content
* RPC Plug-in and Software update notifications and downloads

Here’s a quick overview that Jon Anderson, customer support manager shared:

Existing users should expect to see ArchVision Dashboard available as an update in the coming weeks. If you are interested in beta testing ArchVision Dashboard 2.0, please let us know. Future releases will feature support for RPC Content Creation and cloud rendering.

14 Responses to ArchVision Dashboard 2.0 [beta] Pre-release

  1. Olugboji Akinlolu says:

    Like to test too.

  2. craig taylor says:

    Support for rendering in the cloud is essential.
    May i be a beta tester for your version 2

  3. Adam Bouzane says:

    so will version 2 support cloud rendering?

    • ArchVision, Inc says:

      Hi Adam, Cloud rendering support is anticipated to be released as a beta feature in Dashboard 2 in the next 3-6 months. Initially, cloud rendering support will be for ArchVision published RPCs (RPC Content that users have licensed from ArchVision) and the second phase of cloud rendering support will include Custom RPCs (user generated RPC Content). If you’d be interested in testing the feature please let us know and please continue to be vocal about support requirements with Autodesk.


      Dee Fife
      ArchVision, Inc.

    • ArchVision, Inc says:

      We are still working on cloud rendering. It requires additional work but it is high on both our radar and Autodesk to implement this year.

  4. Kenneth says:

    pls kindly send me a link to download ArchVision Dashboard 2.0 [beta… email is pls kindly include instructions on how to use my existing license. thnks

  5. Adam Bouzane says:

    MQN Architects would love to try out Beta 2.

    Thanks ArchVision

  6. Luis Marcelino says:

    Can I have a link to the beta version 2.0 please?

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