Architecture and Design: Reasons to Attend AIA National Convention 2012

RPC Content features in AIA National Convention 2012 Banner.

ArchVision attends and participates in a series of conferences and events each year. These events allows us to showcase the ease of use of RPC Content and more important, meet with customers and partners to discuss upcoming ArchVision technology and features. Events and expos such as these allow you to see, touch, and feel new product and demo new technologies. Invaluable is the face time you have with colleagues, customers and partners. And for many, the continuing education credit hours are of key importance.

This year’s convention will be held in Washington, DC. (Exploring the city at night to photograph the monuments and buildings lit at night is a treat for anyone who appreciates design).

We encourage you to explore the schedule and available classes offered at AIA National Convention 2012.

The banner shown above touts the AIA National Convention 2012 theme: ‘the future of the practice of architecture.’ The 2012 Convention looks to be inspiring and we are very pleased to see the use of RPC Content featured in this context.

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Welcome. ArchVision is the creator of RPC ("Rich Photorealistic Content") People, Trees, Automobiles and Objects and tools to place, edit, create and manage RPC Content in over 16 industry applications. Our blog shares points of view and insights about the things that inspire and drive us. Our contributors - - employees, owners, partners and customers - - have a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. They work hard, play hard and are here to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas with you!

One Response to Architecture and Design: Reasons to Attend AIA National Convention 2012

  1. Looks like a great conference this year. Thanks for the reminder.

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