How a Trip to Nepal Sparked Conversations about BIM…

Earlier this year, I took off on a trip with friends to Nepal. One of my longtime friends, who resides abroad, was able to join us. He was excited to take a break from the reality of never-ending construction, growth and the finance world of Singapore. He’d recently finished up a contract with the impressive AEC endeavor Marina Bay Sands Casino.

I was looking forward to the Nepal adventure almost as much as I was to catch up on what life is like Singapore vis a vis its explosive growth. Singapore itself is an amalgamation of cultures and it is a wonder (from an outside perspective) that the work ethic and culture is so singularly focused on the betterment of the state. In that vein, productivity and outcome are critical to success. My friend described the process of managing the massiveness of the overall project – “the data and the specifications” and communicating it out to engineers, designers, vendors, marketing and his area of expertise: finance. BIM technology saved the project money and time.

Once we landed, we left the realities of work behind for the surrealism of Nepal and its awe inspiring lands.

Catching up on some blogs today put Singapore back on the radar. BIM expert Phil Read’s recent blog post ‘Revit In The Classroom’ showcases Singapore’s investment in BIM in higher education (Singapore’s Polytechnic Institute Student Projects) . It was nice to see RPC Content featured in student projects and it was a reminder that the use of BIM technology is fast becoming the standard even in this remote island nation. (Autodesk’s Phil Bernstein offered some Singapore BIM insights in his May 11 blog post: Questions of Productiveness, Here and Abroad).

Next week one of the most relevant AEC conferences, the Revit Technology Conference North America 2011 will be held. If you can’t work it into your schedule, I encourage you to follow some of its founders and speakers for BIM insights and industry trends.

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